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Flickr Collections as API Call

I have just discovered a problem with the API of Flickr. It is offically not possible to gather informations about collections. Collections in Flickr language are folder or container for sets. Its is a very good way to keep your photos organized. I found a good disscusion about that problem that there is no API for the collections documentated. So I tested it and surprize surpize it works, very good.  See more for a small peace of code.

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New Page On My Website

After a long while of no work on my website I have decided to add a new page. Photography got a big hobby in the last 3 years and it became more important for me since I am not linving in my home country anymore. I got lots of positive feedback about my pictures and this encouraged me to create this special page on my website. Just click on the link in the menu on the left to navigate to my Flickr Bests and you get an overview about my best shots.

teejay_hh. Get yours at

To retrieve my images from Flickr I use their impressive API in combination with the Zend Framework Flickr Service.

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Work on an own project

Cause I have relaxed the last couple of days its time to come back to business. I have stared an own small project a few weeks ago to learn a little bit more about the Silverstipe Content Management System. At that time I have started to create the data structure and setting up all necessary classes to create all specific pages. Today I have worked on a pretty simple design. As I said its a privte project so it is not so important for me that this is on a very high level in the design perspective. It is more important that I gain a few things by creating that page. Just a short info, I have actualy worked on that page for 2 days. My personal goal is to launch it after 3 - 4 days.

What it is, is a secret until I have uploaded the page.

Currently on hold until I have more time for it.

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Last working day in New Zealand

My kollegues from was my last working day at On that way I want to thank all my collegues for that great time I had. It was great fun and I can be very happy that I took this chance cause I proberbly learned more in that 6 months than in the last year. I could work on websites like,,, and yeah thx for that opportunity again.

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The work must go on

All right I think this news not a major one but maybe its interesting for someone. I am actualy replaceing the YUI javascript library with jQuery. YUI is an awesome library but a little bit too heavy for normal frontend pages. jQuery is much lighter and it saves a lot of loc. The changes have no influence on the page it self it is more a thing of refactoring. So if there is something wrong on the site its perhaps me who screwed it up.

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Switch to Coda

I have struggled a long time if I should take a look for a new editor. I worked with eclipse a long time and everyone who has ever worked with this monster knows its advantages and disadvantages. What I really hate is the instability and bad performance with big files. Java on a mac needs so much memory that u proberbly need 4 gig of ram to be on the save site. I was shocked when I saw the memory usage of eclipse recently --> 1.1 GB. That convinced me to give over editors a try.

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Finaly its done

Oh man nach extrem langer Abwesenheit nun wieder ein paar Neuigkeiten von mir. Es werden noch ein paar weitere News folgen, diese hier widmet sich aber meiner Webseite. Da ich die letzten Monate schwer am Arbeiten war, hatte ich so gut wie keine Zeit an meiner Seite zu arbeiten. Aber nun habe ich aus zeitgründen ein weiteres Upgrade der Webseite vollzogen.

Unter habe ich eine neues Design online gestellt. Ich würde mich über Feedback freuen.

not translated yet
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Something new is going on

Hallioalo, wie Ihr bestimmt schon bemerkt habt hat sich hier schon lange nichts mehr getan. Das wirds sich jedoch bald ändern. Ich habe die letzten Tage verstärtkt refaktoring meiner Datenbankklassen betrieben, sowie ein neues Design kreiert. Wie das ganze Ausschaut werdet Ihr die Tage selbst beurteilen können.

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Small site update

The last days I have tested lot's of new stuff. One of the coolest thing I have discovered was a new rich text editor. It's called TinyMCE and is a very sophisticated WYSIWYG editor with lot's of cool features. I have also implemented a new syntax highlightning.

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It is done

As you can see I have made it, my website is online. What can you expect while surfing here? On one hand it is a site to present my latest and actual projects and on other hand it is a webblog for a few technical articles and of cause a webblog for my voyage to New Zealand.

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